DN25/3 (JEX-24)
Needle scaler

Stroke: 28 mm
Equipment: 23 needles
(Ø 3 x 180 mm)
Current: Pneumatic
IMPA: 590463

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The air powered needle gun DN 25/3 (JEX-24) is the universal tool for derusting , proven for...more
DN25/3 (JEX-24)
Needle scaler


The air powered needle gun DN 25/3 (JEX-24) is the universal tool for derusting , proven for derusting and cleaning of small surfaces from rust film, paint, mussel coating, slag and much more. The needle gun is used in shipping, shipyards, for small-scale corrosion protection work, e.g. on masts or containers, or in mechanical engineering.

Quick change of accessory


Air needle gun DN25/3 (JEX-24) - Flexible, powerful and sturdy

High-quality tool, high-quality needles
Equipped with 23 standard needles (Ø 3 x 180 mm)
Conversion to Ø 2 mm needles possible
Optional needle available from 180mm to 800mm length
Additional needle carrier may be necessary
Needles available for machining stainless steel
Spark free needles available
Stroke: 28 mm
Long service life with low maintenance
Quick change of replacement needles

The air needle gun DN 25/3 (JEX-24) is universally usable and with 28mm stroke a powerful needle gun in pistol form, optimal for derusting with a hand tool. The weight of 2.7 kg as well as the sturdy design can be perfectly staged in use. Thanks to extensive accessories, the use of Ø 2 mm or Ø 3 mm needles is possible. You can process all common materials with the standard needles, special VA needles are available for stainless steel and we can even offer you spark-free needles made of copper-berryllium. The lengths range from 180mm to 800mm. For a tool of this performance class, the beating derusting tool is comparatively low vibration (6.2 m/s2), only the DN3000A offers even more performance. The needle gun is equipped with 23 standard needles (Ø 3 x 180 mm), which reliably remove paint, deposits and flash rust from metal surfaces. For the conversion to other needles (2 mm), you need a suitable needle carrier, and the conversion or needle change in case of wear is made quick and easy. All you have to do is loosen one screw on the housing, remove the cover and you can remove the needle carrier and needles from the tool and replace them. Thanks to the extensive range of accessories, the needle deruster is very adaptable to the working environment and can therefore be used universally. The needles adapt perfectly to any surface and can therefore also work on uneven surfaces such as checker plates, deep joints or corners and angles. Our compressed air needle gunhas a long service life, is low-maintenance and runs reliably for a long time thanks to its high quality, also of the needles - a good partner for derusting work.

Technical specifications

Blows: 4000 min-1
Stroke: 28 mm
Construction form: Pistol
Start: Valve lever
Equipment: 23 needles
(Ø 3 x 180 mm)
Length: 237 mm
Weight: 2.7 kg
Inlet air connection: R 3/8"
Recommended hose Ø: 9 mm
Air consumption: 4.5 l/s
Current: Pneumatic
P_Max. Betriebsdruck: 6.3 bar
Information: Länge ohne Nadeln
IMPA: 590463

The following Documents are available:

Included in delivery:

Tool with 23 standard needles assembled (Ø 3 x 180 mm), hose nipple, adapter, assembly wrench, needle supporter.