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JEX-28 (DN30)
Pneumatic needle scaler

  • Powerful pneumatic needle scaler with long work life.
  • A heavy duty type with a wide range of accessories:
  • ∅ 3 mm and  ∅ 4 mm needles are included in scope of delivery.
  • The needle scaler can be delivered with 2 mm needles instead of the standard 3 mm needles.
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Technical specifications

Schlagzahl (min-1)Blows (min-1)4,500

Hub (mm)Stroke (mm)30

Gewicht (kg)Weight (kg)3.5

Maße (mm)Dimensions (mm)264 x 173

Fields of application

A sturdy and powerful pneumatic needle scaler for heavy duty, it is designed for rust removal works on corroded surfaces, for removing rust, slag, paint and for cleaning concrete and stone.

The needle scaler with a lot of accessories is used in ship building industry, machine building, corrosion protection, in shipyards and concrete repair.