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JT-20 (DN23)
Pneumatic needle scaler

  • Lightweight (2.4 kg) and with 245 mm very short air powered needle scaler.
  • Perfect adaption to any surface.
  • Easy changing of spare needles.
  • The air needle scaler can be delivered with 2 mm needles instead of the standard 3 mm needles.
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Technical specifications

Schlagzahl (min-1)Blows (min-1)4,000

Hub (mm)Stroke (mm)22

Gewicht (kg)Weight (kg)2.4

Maße (mm)Dimensions (mm)245

Fields of application

A very short and lightweight, inline-shaped air needle scaler for rust removal works on corroded surfaces, for removing rust, slag, paint and for cleaning concrete and stone.

The low-vibration air powered needle scaler is used in ship building industry, machine building, corrosion protection, in shipyards and concrete repair.