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Pneumatic linear sander

  • Small, handy pneumatic linear sander, ideally for bringing out patterns.
  • Ergonomic gripping surface for optimal tool handling and fatigue-free working.
  • Tool starts by sliding valve.
  • Usage of current abrasive sheets by clamping.
  • The profile grinding plate is formable and ideal for working out a lot of different shapes.

Technical specifications

Drehzahl (min-1)Speed (min-1)4,000

Hub (mm)Stroke (mm)4

Gewicht (kg)Weight (kg)0.8

Maße (mm)Dimensions (mm)Grinding plate 103 x 55 mm

Fields of application

The pneumatic linear sander is the ideal tool for grinding, deburring and structuring surfaces.

Thanks to the clamping mechanism current abrasive sheets can be used for working wood, metal, glass and plastic.