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GX30/30, GX30/54
Pneumatic brushing tool

  • Powerful motor.
  • Low vibration level and high lifetime.
  • The sturdy aluminum protective cover allows two-hand operation.
  • Wide range of accessories for various applications.
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Technical specifications

Drehzahl (min-1)Speed (min-1)3,000 / 5,400

Leistung (W)Power (W)300

AufnahmeChuckM8 Internal thread

Gewicht (kg)Weight (kg)1.2

Maße (mm)Dimensions (mm)40 x 175

Fields of application

The pneumatic brushing tools GX30/30 and GX30/54 are designed for sanding, polishing, smoothing and structuring several materials, e.g. wood, plastic or metall. For perfectly smooth surfaces, structures or for bringing out grains.

Possible applications of the air powered polisher: smoothing of wood, working of edges, roughening and matting of plasticsas well as metals, polishing of metal, plastic, glass and acrylic glass using paste, fine grinding of finishing strips, slightly bringing out the grains.