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Pneumatic straight grinder

  • Air powered high speed turbine grinder with collet chuck ⊗ 3 mm for very precise grinding jobs.
  • Very small, handy and lightweight grinding tool.
  • The ergonomic design allows a smooth, precise use.
  • The exhaust air, leaded away in front of the tool, cools down and removes dust from the work piece.
  • The pneumatic straight grinder starts by sliding valve.

Technical specifications

Leistung (W)Power (W)50

Drehzahl (min-1)Speed (min-1)70,000

AufnahmeChuckCollet chuck 3 mm

Gewicht (kg)Weight (kg)0.3

Maße (mm)Dimensions (mm)50 x 182

Fields of application

The air powered turbine grinder GG5/700-SP3 is a high speed turbine grinder and ideally for precise, smooth grinding jobs. The air die grinder includes a wide range of accessories in a case.

For milling and grinding in modul making and machine building - with special requirements to speed and precision.