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Pneumatic straight grinder

  • Smooth running and low vibration.
  • Standardized collet chuck ∅ 6 mm.
  • The air powered straight grinder is optimized for absorption of radial and axial forces
  • The centrifugal governor provides consistent speed under load.
  • Long service-life and low maintenance.
  • Long valve lever type.
  • The pneumatic straight grinder can be mounted into other machines.

Technical specifications

Leistung (W)Power (W)300

Drehzahl (min-1)Speed (min-1)15,000

AufnahmeChuckCollet 6 mm

Spannbereich (mm)Range (mm)0.5 - 7.0

Gewicht (kg)Weight (kg)0.8

Maße (mm)Dimensions (mm)40 x 280

Fields of application

The pneumatic straight grinder GG30/150L with centrifugal governor is powerful, durable and designed for various milling and grinding jobs.

The air powered straight grinder is popular for use in many industries: modul making, machine building, container building, in foundries and in the plastics industry.