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SH20-A (SH20-E)
Hand-hydraulic cutting tool

  • Secure cutting due to closed, pivoting cutting head.
  • Thanks to optimized transmission of power (guillotine principle) the handheld hydraulic cutting tool cuts even hard material (e.g. ACSR).
  • Simple, fast operation due to the snap fit.
  • The hydraulic cutting tool offers an excellent power to weight ratio.

Technical specifications

Öffnungsweite (mm)Opening width (mm)22 (23)

Schneidkraft (kN)Cutting force (kN)39

Fields of application

Handheld hydraulic cutter for varied materials, ideally solid material, ropes and wire. The hand-hydraulic cutting tool cuts material up to 23 mm diameter and is used by energy providers, utility companies and their service providers, power plants, transportation companies and in the area of passenger lifts and goods lifts.