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CutMax 2
Battery-operated hydraulic cutting tool

Working with CutMax 2 is:

  • Quicker: 30 % higher cutting speed.
  • Easier: Tool weight is reduced by 8 %
  • More efficient: 10 % more cuts.
  • Safer: non-slip housing and well-balanced design.
  • More enduring: 10 % higher work life thanks to optimized construction.
  • Brighter: Equipped with LED for lighting the working area.
  • Interchangeable: Batteries, battery charger and power supply units still can be used.

The battery-operated hydraulic cutting tool offers all features of the former model RS2, e.g. the rotatable cutting head, the two-step-hydraulic feed for quick cutting and all benefits of an closed cutting head with guillotine principle.

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Technical specifications

Öffnungsweite (mm)Opening width (mm)24

Schneidkraft (kN)Cutting force (kN)84

Gewicht (kg)Weight (kg)4.2

Maße (mm)Dimensions (mm)350 x 260 x 79

Fields of application

Battery-operated hydraulic cutting tool for cutting bulk material of up to 24 mm diameter, e.g. overhead lines, ACSR up to 265/35.

The cordless hydraulic rope cutter is suitable for applications in energy supply companies and service providers, as well as in lift construction, materials handling technology and further industrial applications.