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Pneumatic saw

  • Pneumatic sabre saw with pistons slider control.
  • Pistons and guide completely stored.
  • Standard saw blade template with double safety fuse.
  • Solid supporting area also for little radii.
  • Switch-on valve with safety fuse.
  • Stroke rate adjustable and adaptable to different materials.
  • The air powered metal saw has been ATEX certified (CE II 2 G T5)and can even be used in potentially explosive areas.
  • Long lifetime by integrated lubricator.
  • Low air consumption thanks to hack saw control.

Technical specifications

Drehzahl (min-1)Speed (min-1)1,200

Hub (mm)Stroke (mm)45

Fields of application

Pneumatic sabre saw for cutting and sawing sheets and semifinished products in sheet and apparatus engineering, production in the air conditioning technology, prototype engineering, boat building, air craft construction as well as in pipe and profile processing.

The air metal saw is am ATEX-certified powerful industrial tool.