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Pneumatic GRP-Cutter with dust extraction

  • Accurate cutting edges at optimal cutting speed.
  • Cutting depth of 15 mm.
  • The pneumatic GRP cutter is equipped with an efficient dust extraction right on site.
  • Low weight and a good support edge of the air powered cut off machine allows an accurate and safe handling.

Technical specifications

Drehzahl (min-1)Speed (min-1)9,000

Scheibendurchmesser (mm)Wheel diameter (mm)100

Schnitttiefe (mm)Cutting depth (mm)15

Fields of application

Pneumatic GRP cutter (air powered cut off machine) for cutting of glass-fibre and carbon-fibre reinforced plastics and plastic material; in vehicle and air craft construction, boatbuilding, rotor blade production and general plastics production as well as switch cabinet construction.