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InLiner® IC5
Battery-operated hydraulic crimping tool

  • The small, inline-shaped, compact design allows the user to work in places difficult to access, such as switch cabinets.
  • The low weight of the cordless, battery-operated hydraulic crimping tool simplifies one-hand operation.
  • Short crimping cycles due to the efficient dual piston hydraulic system.
  • Accessories are interchangeable and can be used with any other HOLGER CLASEN battery-operated hydraulic tool.

Technical specifications

PressbereichCrimping range

Cu nach DIN (mm2)Cu accord. to DIN (mm2)Sechskant10 - 185

Al nach DIN (mm2)Al accord. to DIN (mm2)Sechskant10 - 150

Al-Seile/ACSR (mm2)ACSR Al (mm2)Sechskant16 - 95

St-Seile/ACSR (mm2)ACSR St (mm2)Sechskant2,5 - 25

Vorrunden SE (mm2)Prerounding SE (mm2)Vorrunden35 - 240

Vorrunden SM (mm2)Prerounding SM (mm2)Vorrunden25 - 185

WM-Verpressung (mm2)WM-shaped crimping (mm2)WM10 - 185

Dornverpressung (mm2)Arbor crimping (mm2)Dorn6 - 70

Presskraft (kN)Crimping force (kN)58

Fields of application

The battery-operated hydraulic crimping tool is a easy to handle crimper for connectors of up to 185 mm2 according to DIN; the cordless hydraulic crimping tool is intended for use in electrical installation/switch cabinet construction, energy supply and utility companies, as well as in industrial cable assembly, e.g. in the wind energy.