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Hydraulic crimping head for connecting to a separate pump

  • This hydraulic crimping head is easy to handle, safe and light-weight.
  • The particularly robust and low-maintenance design makes it a good entry tool.
  • The hydraulic compression head is useable with standard block crimping dies and is designed for connection to usual hydraulic pump.

Technical specifications

PressbereichCrimping range

Cu nach DIN (mm2)Cu accord. to DIN (mm2)Sechskant10 - 185

Al nach DIN (mm2)Al accord. to DIN (mm2)Sechskant10 - 150

Al-Seile/ACSR (mm2)ACSR Al (mm2)Sechskant16 - 95

St-Seile/ACSR (mm2)ACSR St (mm2)Sechskant2.5 - 25

Vorrunden SE (mm2)Prerounding SE (mm2)Vorrunden35 - 240

Vorrunden SM (mm2)Prerounding SM (mm2)Vorrunden25 - 185

WM-Verpressung (mm2)WM-shaped crimping (mm2)WM10 - 185

Dornverpressung (mm2)Arbor crimping (mm2)Dorn6 - 70

Presskraft (kN)Crimping force (kN)50

Fields of application

Hydraulic crimping head for connecting to a separate pump. It is designed for crimping cable lugs and connectors of up to 185 mm2 according to DIN. The hydraulic compression head is used by transportation companies, energy supply companies, power stations and their service providers, switch cabinet construction as well as in industrial cable assembly.