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SW30/...D, SW55/70D
Pneumatic angle screw driver with direct clutch, valve lever

  • Particularly for tightening where space is limited and access is difficult.
  • Applications: moving slides and carriages, on packaging machines for tightening straps, moving workpieces for machining etc.
  • Low rotation speed of 65 up to 450 min-1 and torques values of 50 up to 110 Nm.
  • The user controls the torque by air pressure.
  • The air powered angle screw drivers are able to function with unlubricated air delivery.
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Technical specifications

Leistung (W)Power (W)300 / 550

KupplungClutchdirect clutch

Drehmoment (Nm)Torque (Nm)11 / 16 / 36 / 70

Drehzahl (min-1)Speed (min-1)1,100 - 300

StartStartvalve lever

DrehrichtungDirection of rotationreversible

Gewicht (kg)Weight (kg)1.40 / 1.30 / 2.10

AnschlussConnectionG 1/4"

AufnahmeChucksquare 3/8" / 1/2"

Fields of application

Pneumatic angle screw drivers for assembling parts and/or work pieces in single or series production.

Especially for connections with different material structures, e.g. wood.
The user controls the torque by air pressure.