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Pneumatic angle screw driver with shut-off clutch, valve lever, head 30°

  • Particularly for tightening where space is limited and access is difficult.
  • Large torque range (0.8 – 5.0 Nm) for a wide range of applications.
  • High rotation speed (650 – 2,000 min-1) ensures short tightening cycles.
  • ±5% shut-off accuracy, high torque repeatability.
  • Ergonomic grip with no slip sheath for safe and comfortable tool holding.
  • Reduced torque reaction to the operator’s hand.
  • The air powered angle screw driver is able to function with unlubricated air delivery.
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Technical specifications

Leistung (W)Power (W)150

KupplungClutchshut-off clutch

Drehmomentbereich (Nm)Torque range (Nm)0.8 - 5.0

Drehzahl (min-1)Speed (min-1)650 - 2,000

StartStartvalve lever

DrehrichtungDirection of rotationumsteuerbar

Gewicht (kg)Weight (kg)0.70

AnschlussConnectionG 1/4"

AufnahmeChucksquare 1/4"

Fields of application

Pneumatic angle screw driver for assembling parts and/or work pieces in single or series production.

High torque repeatability (the motor shuts off the rated torque is reached), high shut-off accuracy, low energy consumption, reduced torque reaction, low noise level - an air powered angle screw driver for industrial applications.