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Selection guide for assembly tools


Shut-off Clutch

  • High repeatability (when reaching the nominal torque MN the air supply to the motor shuts off).
  • Shut-off precision, low energy consumption, low reaction moment, low noise level.

Slip Clutch

  • Universal application, especially for soft screw-joints and selftapping
    screws due to the short interruption and immediate reapplication of force at rated torque (ratcheting).
  • The user can control the final torque.

Direct Clutch

  • Suitable for fastening joining materials with different structures such as wood.
  • The user can use the air pressure to control the ratcheting or the torque.

Technical specifications

Fields of application

Air nut runners for industrial applications, variable types for soft or hard screw-joints, selftapping screws, axial or vertical working directions, with different starting systems, in several performance classes.

Special models like our flat head angle screw drivers are escpecially suitable for narrow working spaces, e.g. assembly jobs at large white goods, in automobile industry or machine building industry.